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Day in the Life Post 4

by jrwarfield

Life changes so often with a baby/toddler as they age. Here is another Day in the Life post of what our schedule looks like with a 15 month old kid.

6:20am – Wake up, Reese slept in. Bring her into our room as we all cuddle. Try to get grant to wake up.
6:40am – Change Reese’s diaper and offer her milk in sippy cup.
6:50am – Grant showers while I make breakfast and Grant’s lunch since I made Reese’s the night before. Start washing a load of diapers.
7:15am – Grant is ready for work, and we say good bye outside, and then take out the recycling from the garage.
7:20am – Reese and I sit down to eat breakfast.
7:35am – Reese is done eating and starts playing while I finish up. She didn’t get very dirty today so no morning bath before school.
7:45am – Change Reese’s diaper, and I get ready for the day while she plays with my make up bag.
8:00am – Get Reese dressed and ready for school, pack the car with her stuff, and head out to run errands before she needs to be dropped off.
8:45am – Drop Reese off at school.
9:00am – Drive home, check work emails, hang diapers to dry on the line outside, unload groceries from car, enjoy decaf coffee. Do more work. Wash laundry, prepare dinner and dessert.
12:45pm – Pick up Reese from “mommy’s day out.”
1:00pm – Put Reese down for her nap.
1:13pm – Reese is asleep, and I start a some sewing I have been putting off.
2:36pm – Reese is already awake not the best nap. Change her diaper offer her milk, read some books, sing some songs, play with toys.
5:00pm – Grant comes homes, and we eat dinner.
5:30pm – Play with Reese go on a walk if it is cool enough outside, play in the sunroom, give Reese a bath if she needs it.
6:15pm – Start bedtime routine( change diaper, put on PJs, brush teeth, read books, goodnight kisses, and prayer.)
6:30pm – Put Reese down to sleep. I start cleaning up here and there in the house, and then layout Reese’s outfit for school, pack her backpack, and pack her lunch for tomorrow.
7:15pm – Reese is asleep. I work on some blog posts, and other projects that I haven’t gotten to during the day like putting the next babies clothes away in the cabinet by size.
9:45pm – Start getting ready for bed, and then reading in bed.
10/10:30pm – lights out.

I know this isn’t super exciting,but I know I will be looking back on these posts eventually to see how our schedule worked.

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