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Fixing Cuffed Shorts

As the summer approaches, the season of short wearing is approaching. Not as rapidly as I thought, but having a true winter was nice as well. In Austin, we never had 4 true seasons so it was nice seeing snow, and not having to go out in it.

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Birthday Gifts

September is a crazy month for birthdays! Two of my sisters have their birthdays, my sister in law has her birthday, and my cousin’s wife does too. Well a lot more family members do as well,but these are the ones that I try to make gifts for. In our family, we don’t really give birthday gifts to each other officially, so when I have something that I think someone will like, it is fun to make and give. Since it really is a surprise especially since it isn’t expected.

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DIY Baby Shower Gift Tutorials

As you can probably see from my recent posts, I have been trying to accumulate an arsenal of baby shower gifts. I have been trying to make them in bulk that when a shower comes up, I can just pick out which colors and am good to go. I used to make the burp cloths only,but I felt 3 burp cloths just weren’t enough for one gift. I still have one type of gift I want to try and make for the gifts so I have 3 items per boy or girl gift, but I need to see whether it...