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Second Trimester Recap for Pregnancy #2

by jrwarfield

Here is my second trimester recap for this second pregnancy. It has been physically more straining due to the fact that my stomach is much larger this time,but since I’m blessed enough to have another low risk pregnancy, no complaints here.


week 14

week 15

week 16

week 17

week 18

week 19

week 20

week 21

week 22

week 23

week 24

week 25

week 26

week 27

Click here for the 14 week post, 15 week post, 16 week post, 17 week post, 18 week post, 19 week post, 20 week post, 21 week post, 22 week post, 23 week post, 24 week post, 25 week post, 26 week post, and 27 week post. To see my second trimester recap during my first pregnancy, click here!


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